Why Not Walk On A Yoga Mat All The Time With Our Soft Yoga Mat Foam Insoles?

Why Not Walk On A Yoga Mat All The Time With Our Soft Yoga Mat Foam Insoles?

It is easy to see why yoga has been such a popular pastime in recent years and decades. Yoga increases muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. And of course there’s the squishy, super-comfy surface of the yoga mat.

Yoga mats are most often made from PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is the third most used plastic in the world. It comes in two forms, soft and rigid, and can be and is used in thousands of products. Yoga mats are made from the soft form of PVC. They’re durable, soft, and best of all, ultra-comfortable on your feet. For these reasons, some shoe manufacturers have caught on to the hype and begun producing sandal soles made of yoga mat material. Imagine walking to yoga class on shoes made of yoga mat. The bliss!

Hawaii Beach Yoga Sandals AlohaShoes.comIt makes sense that yoga mat foam would be used to make shoe soles. First of all, they come in almost unlimited colors and textures, and can be printed with different designs, making it easy for shoe manufacturers to mix it up and cater to a variety of customers and personalities.

Secondly, the yoga mat foam can be textured to be smooth for comfort or textured to prevent slipping. Furthermore, it’s a buoyant material, meaning that should a shoe get lost in the surf or a river, it’ll float rather than sink to the bottom never to be seen again.

PVC foam is also relatively inexpensive, meaning that when it’s used in shoes it creates a shoe that has all the previously mentioned benefits without breaking the bank.  

Like yoga mats, soft yoga mat foam insoles protect your feet from shock and vibrations, so that if you’re doing jumping jacks or just holding a long pose on your feet, the mat will mold to your foot shape and support you.

Yoga mats are also supposed to help keep you centered and your energy focused on your body and its place in the world. This calming state of mind can be yours every time you slip on your shoes, if your shoes are basically a traveling yoga mat.

You can also say goodbye to bacteria. Because yoga mat foam is so easy to clean, there’s no reason that your feet can’t be hanging out on a clean shoe all the time, even after months or years of wear. Just rinse with a little soap and they’ll be as good as new.

Lastly, yoga mat sandals or flip-flops are very lightweight. This has numerous benefits. Yoga mat shoes are easy to travel with--take them through TSA or pack them in your carry-on without a hitch. They can also fit in an overnight bag on a camping trip or just be the go-to lightweight shoes you always wear around town.

Whatever the case, we highly recommend that you check out the slippers on AlohaShoes.com that are made with soft yoga mat foam insoles, such as the Kilakila, Kukini, or Moena flip flops. Once you grab yourself a pair, you may end up being a convert for life.