Decades of Excellence: The History of Scott Hawaii

February 01, 2019

Decades of Excellence: The History of Scott Hawaii

You already know Scott Hawaii for its dedication to ultra-comfy, high-quality sandals. Scott has a wide base of dedicated fans who swear by their products and won’t buy slippahs from any other brand. But how did this company get started, and how did it become such a well-known Hawaiian staple?

In 1932, a young couple went on vacation to Hawaii. While there, they fell desperately in love with the island, and couldn’t bear to move back to the mainland. Instead, they decided they needed to find a way to made a living in Hawaii so they could stay permanently. The couple, Elmer and Jean Scott, noticed that there was a demand for sturdy, breathable shoes for the workers who worked on the plantations. Thus, the Scott sandal was born. The shoes didn’t require much material, which was scarce during the ration time of World War II, and the shoes became immensely popular on the island. The Scott Hawaii company is now in its third generation, but the dedication to quality craftsmanship is the same as it was when Elmer and Jean started it all those decades ago.

The Scotts were so dedicated to making quality footwear, in fact, that they started the “lifetime of the sole” warranty, which remains in place today. If a customer wears the shoe down to the next layer of the sole, they are guaranteed a new pair.

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