We Love Jandals

Why Texans Love Jandals, And Why You Will Too

Though Pali Hawaii sandals are all the rage in the Pacific, it’s interesting to note that they have really taken off in Texas as well. Seriously, ask any Texan you know about “Jesus Sandals” and they’re likely to say that many people they know have a pair, or are longing after a pair for this upcoming Christmas. They may even hold out their own Jandals-clad foot and say, “you mean these?”

So what is it about Jandals, typically part of an island wardrobe, that have people all over the great state of Texas clamoring for a pair?

It’s as simple as one, two, three.

One, they’re dirt-resistant. You may be thinking, “but aren’t all shoes kinda dirt-resistant? Well, no. Most shoes are made of some sort of material that traps dirt, or at least shows it in unflattering ways. Think suede, canvas, aerated sneaker material, etc. Jandals are made of thick, durable rubber that’s completely waterproof and unbelievably easy to clean---just a quick rinse and they look as good as new!

Two, Jandals are the perfect mix of casual and chic. With the comfort of Birkenstocks but made to last in all terrains, Jandals fit in with the casual-cool style found all over urban Texas, from Austin to Dallas to San Antonio.

Three, Texas is famous for being larger than life. If Texas has a whole Jesus Day dedicated to loving the Lord and thy neighbor, why shouldn’t its residents have shoes to match?

Whether you’re a diehard Texan or not, there’s really no reason not to get yourself a pair of Jandals by Pali Hawaii and make these wonderfully comfortable and casual closet staples a national sensation from sea to shining sea.