Woven Nylon Straps: Strong Comfort between your Toes.

Woven Nylon Straps: Strong Comfort between your Toes.

You may notice that many of the sandals offered at AlohaShoes.com have woven nylon straps. 

Nylon is a fabric made from nylon fibers, which are tough elastic polymers (synthetic material). Nylon was invented in the 1930s as a toothbrush-bristle material, but gained far more notoriety in women’s stockings, often called “nylons.” Now nylon can be found in a myriad of industries and products including apparel, flooring, packaging, and upholstery.

There is a reason that high-quality shoe brands use nylon to create sandal and flip flop straps rather than plastic. These straps are comfortable, flexible, and waterproof, and they tend to be very soft so that they won’t painfully rub like some plastic strap alternatives.

They are also very compact in structure, making them tough and resistant to tears or breaks. It is much harder to blow out a sandal strap made of nylon than it is for one made of plastic, so nylon is an excellent choice when deciding on a sandal.

Besides these benefits, they’re also very resistant to heat and sunlight. Where plastic becomes brittle with too much heat or sun exposure, nylon is unaffected and maintains its toughness and flexibility.

Because it is waterproof, nylon is also easy to clean. If you drip salsa or beer on your foot during a party, simply take a damp cloth and wipe it off. We’re not speaking from experience, of course, but you never know...

Nylon is also very easy to dye, so it is easy for shoe manufacturers to create fun and fashionable designs.

Resiliency is also an important factor in the choice of nylon straps because even when they’ve been stretched out on your foot for several hours, they’ll bounce back into shape once you take your sandals or flip flops off.

Nylon can also be varied in its luster, so that it can be made shiny, dull, or metallic looking---perfect for any outfit.

And nylon straps will help to wick away bacteria, dead skin, or moisture that can collect on your feet, making them a clean option.

Lastly, and most importantly, nylon is comfortable. Because it is stretchy and soft, it makes an ideal strap, and will grip your feet without feeling tight or painful.

Most nylon straps are flat and relatively smooth. However, there is another variety called “tubular nylon straps.” These tubular straps still lie flat, but are made of two pieces of nylon stitched together so that if it were pinched it would make a tube. The benefits of tubular nylon are that it doubles the strength and durability of a normal nylon strap, and is also softer and more flexible than flat-webbed nylon straps.

When shopping around for a quality pair of durable, long-lasting sandals, keep your eye out for nylon straps, especially tubular nylon straps. They will make life easier on your feet in a number of ways, and gone will be the days of painful blisters caused by lesser materials. You can shop for nylon-strapped shoes now in the inventory carried by AlohaShoes.com. Some examples are the Wahine, the Haleiwa, and the Ele Ele slippers, among others.