Hokulea Slippahs Are Built For The Man Who Conquers

Hokulea Slippahs Are Built For The Man Who Conquers

The men’s Hokulea slipper is perfect for the fisherman in your life. The shoe comes in a variety of fish-inspired designs. Plain black is reminiscent of waking up before sunrise to get your fishing gear ready. The navy design is inspired by the deep hues of the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. The Mahi design is stitched with very detailed depictions of the Hawaiian fish on the tubular nylon strap. This same attention to detail is made in the Ahi design, in which Ahi swim on the tough, unbreakable strap. And for the patriotic man, there’s a flag design to show that courageous American spirit.

The Hokulea slippers are made with a slightly textured sole that helps the feet to grip to the shoe.

This means that when you’re sport fishing out on the open ocean with huge Hawaiian waves crashing on the deck, you can have a singular focus, and not be distracted about losing your shoes to the open maw of the sea.  

The sole is made in two parts for double the comfort and durability. The top sole, called the insole, is made from textured rubalon. Rubalon is a mix of EVA foam (a cushy synthetic polymer) and 100% pure, natural rubber. Rubalon helps you to reap the benefits of both these materials, as the EVA foam makes the sole soft and squishy while the rubber makes it tough and durable.

The insole has also been molded for extra support and fit. There is a molded arch and heel cup, mimicking the natural rise and fall of the foot. When you step into these sandals, the arch will fit naturally and the heel cup will ground your foot in the back while the nylon strap stabilizes in the front.  

The outsole, or bottom sole, is made from white non-marking rubber. That means when you’re wheeling and juking on the deck of your fishing boat, you’re not going to leave unsightly black streaks everywhere you turn. The rubber also absorbs shock and vibrations, steadying you when you’re rocked and jolted on deck.

The strap on the Hokulea sandals isn’t just decorated with intricate designs. It’s also built to last. Nylon is a synthetic material known for its flexibility, toughness, and quick-drying features. The Hokulea straps are made from tubular nylon, meaning that two of these tough straps are stitched together, doubling their strength.
Tubular Nylon Straps For Beach SandalsTo get a sense of how strong tubular nylon is, some climbing ropes are made from this material.

To showcase the strength and Hawaiian roots of the shoe, it was named after a replica of an ancient Polynesian double-hulled canoe. Polynesian voyagers used to navigate the seas using the stars and other techniques, and today the Polynesian Voyaging Society keeps the Hokulea for long trips using the same Polynesian navigation techniques that were used centuries ago.

Polynesian Voyaging Society Hawaii Homecoming

While those traditional navigation methods are no longer the norm, you can put on the Hokulea slippers and feel the power of fishermen and seafarers of old while you hit the same seas that they used to sail.

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