The Makaha Town & "The Slippah" Hawai'i Can't Stop Loving

The Makaha Town & "The Slippah" Hawai'i Can't Stop Loving

The men's Makaha slipper is Scott Hawaii’s number one top seller, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a classic look: a sturdy, thickly cushioned sole makes walking ultra comfortable, and the thick, soft, and flexible nylon strap won’t break or rub on the skin.

The sandal gets its name from Mākaha, a town in Honolulu county on the island of Oahu, though it is located about 35 miles north of Honolulu.

The town is well-known in Oahu for its excellent surf and history, as well as stunning beach views and thriving populations of sea turtles.

Although native Hawaiians had been surfing in Makaha for hundreds of years, surfing as  acompetitive sport is recognized for having started in the spot in the 1950s. Many surfing competitions were held there in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and some are still held there, such as the Buffalo’s Big Board Contest.

“Mākaha” translates from Hawaiian to “fierce.” That’s the perfect description for these heavy-duty slippers from Scott Hawaii.

First, let’s discuss the sole. These soles are revered around the islands for their out-of-this-world comfort. What accounts for this squishy, wonderfully soft sole is a combination of a rubalon insole and a rubber outsole.

Rubalon is a blend of EVA foam (a cushy synthetic polymer) and rubber. Rubalon gets the best of both worlds, as the EVA foam makes the sole soft and squishy while the rubber makes it tough and durable. The outsole, or the part of the sole that rests on the ground, is made of 100% real rubber and is stamped with the famous Scott Hawaii logo. The all-rubber outsole can take a beating, and is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant, making it the perfect shoe to take on all your island adventures. There’s also a built-in molded arch so that you can walk on hard pavement, uneven grass, or other terrains without changing your stride.

Next, we can’t forget about how waterproof these shoes are---ideal for island living. In fact, the waterproof feature may arguably be the most convenient part of these slippers. The rubalon sole doesn’t retain water and the slightly textured surface keeps your feet secure even when you’re in the Pacific, wrangling fish on your boat, or wading in the base of a waterfall.

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The waterproof feature means that the shoes are super easy to clean. They’re so tough that you can spray them with a high-powered hose or even toss them in the washing machine and lay them out in the warm Hawaiian sun to dry. They’ll look and feel as good as new with each rinse or wash.

Scott Hawaii was one of the islands’ first slippah companies, and the quality shows. There’s hardly a thing you could do or an adventure you could go on that would hurt this tough, durable pair of slippahs. Make this sleek, long-lasting shoe a part of your regular repertoire and put your feet into a state of bliss. Grab a pair today and hit the ground running---you won’t regret it.