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Scott Hawaii Boy's Kilakila Flip Flops with Yoga Mat Insoles

Features & Benefits: 

  • PU leather strap with soft neoprene lining 
  • Soft Yoga mat insole with arch support to absorb shock when your child plays
  • Lightweight rubber foam outsole makes a soft bed for little feet

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The same warranty started by its founders Elmer and Jean Scott is still in place today.  All Scott Hawaii footwear is backed by a “lifetime of the sole” warranty.  Without question it is the best policy in the industry.  The life of the sole is effectively over when the outsole or insole has worn through to the next layer. Such defects include, but are not limited to, straps pulling out, delamination and/or premature wear.  Styles with plugged straps are only guaranteed for sole delamination and not the straps pulling out. 

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