Rubalon: Thick, Attractive, And Waterproof

Many of the high-quality products sold by Scott Hawaii are made in part with a product called Rubalon. But what is Rubalon, and what makes it a superior alternative to other sandal materials?

Rubalon acts like a UHMW-PE, which stands for ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. In layman’s terms, this just means it’s a type of plastic that has numerous benefits, including its durability, softness, flexibility, and low-moisture absorption, among other traits. While Rubalon has some of the properties of a UHMW-PE, it is softer and more flexible. Rubalon is a blend of EVA foam with rubber, which combines the benefits of each of those materials, making a product superior to straight rubber or EVA.

When one looks at the benefits of Rubalon, it is easy to see why it is a popular choice to make high-quality footwear. For instance, its tight molecular chains create a waterproof surface that won’t retain water, making a shoe that can be worn in any weather or environment.

The thickness of Rubalon also makes it an attractive shoe bedding. It also has a high resistance to general wear and tear. Because of the firm, thick material, it can take years of action and constant friction to wear down the surface.

Rubalon’s thickness and firmness are also advantageous for foot comfort. Rubalon is strong, yet soft, and makes a perfect, natural cushion for your feet. It gently molds to the foot for ultimate comfort, but isn’t so pliable that it compromises foot protection.

Rubalon is also heat resistant and crack-resistant, meaning you can leave shoes made from Rubalon by the pool or on the beach in full sunlight for hours without any change in the Rubalon’s durability.

Rubalon can come in a couple of forms. A “soft” Rubalon surface is a relatively smooth, non textured surface. The benefit of soft Rubalon is the cushy, springy feeling it has on the foot.

Textured Rubalon, in contrast, has its own benefits. For instance, a slightly raised or textured Rubalon has the same durability and sponge-like feel, but adds a bit more traction for the foot---therefore less sliding, especially when it gets wet.

Along with all of these practical traits, Rubalon has aesthetic ones too. Because it is smooth and flexible, it generally has a sleek, tough look that screams “quality.”

Rubalon is an excellent resource for shoe soles, but because of its soft, flexible nature, it is used in a number of other ways as well. For instance, Rubalon is great for children’s toys, as the squishy material is safe for them to fall on, throw, and play with. Large-scale puzzle toys are often made of Rubalon. The fact that the material is waterproof and can be easily washed is also a huge plus for parents of small children.

Other items often made of Rubalon include mouse pads, floor mats, mattresses, equestrian equipment like saddle pads, yoga and other fitness mats, and pool exercise equipment.

But the most popular remains Rubalon shoe soles, because of the comfort they provide. Because Rubalon is so easy to mold, it is a breeze to create arches and heel cups that make a natural fit for feet without causing discomfort. It’s also an ideal shoe material because it is soft and springy, waterproof, and dense, so it can hold up for years, even with constant use.

Scott Hawaii is known for quality footwear, and the Rubalon used in most of its sandals is a testament to that fact. Grab any of Scott’s many slipper models and try out some Rubalon on your feet today, and on all sorts of surfaces. We’re sure that you’ll feel the difference.