Mens Scott Kumu Natural Rubber Flip Flops

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  • There really isn't anything so classically versatile than a pair of black flip flops. We at Scott Hawaii take that to the next level with our Kumu Natural Black Rubber slippers. These have the classic look but with the comfort, durability, and unbeatable warranty of Scott Hawaii slippers. The custom strap with the Scott Hawaii logo is firmly tethered to the comfortable Natural rubber outsole, and the high-density EVA polymer insole provides excellent impact protection. Scott Hawaii Guaranteed Warranty Whether you're pulling an all-nighter at UH or taking a much-deserved study break at Waikiki, you're not going to want to leave your Kumu slippers behind.

    Scott Hawaii Kumu Style # 4229 Sizes 7-14 are available now and shipped worldwide. And more Top Rated Natural Rubber Flip Flops just arrived. 

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