Scott Hawaii Flip Flops Puahilo with White Strap

Scott Hawaii Slippers

  • $39.97

You're an energetic whirlwind of a Wahine who can't seem to sit still. From meetings to presentations to getting the kids to school on time with their homework, you're the master of getting down to business. As such, you'll need functional, durable footwear that can keep up with you and all your daily comings and goings. That's where Scott Hawaii's Puahilo slippers come in. Molded rubber, made to perfectly imitate the natural structure of your feet, make up the outsole, and the high-density EVA polymer provides a squishy bed of comfort on top. Grab your coffee, your purse, the kids, the dog, and slip on these Puahilo slippers---you'll thank the ease and the comfort of these shoes so much, you'll be hard-pressed to ever take them off again.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Thick strap made of vegan leather provides soft touch and comfortable fit
  • EVA polymer provides the perfect place for your feet to take a rest, even when you can't
  • Molded rubber outsole includes heel cup & arch support, giving you a more natural fit

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