Scott Hawaii's Koanui Brown Sandals

Scott Hawaii Slippers

  • $29.97
  • Save $20

Take on the bold look of our Koanui slippers and feel ready for anything. The bright white stripe around the perimeter of the shoe contrasts vibrantly with the black rubber outsole and the geometric design on the strap to give you a daring look that will make the ladies look twice. Packed with a powerful one-two punch of rubber and EVA, you'll have a extra spring in your step that will be sure to grab attention.

Features & Benefits: 

  • The lining of the strap is made of vegan leather, a durable and stylish choice that is also eco-sensible
  • The high-density EVA insole combines with the rubber outsole to provide the best cushion and shock absorption for your feet
  • The arch support helps to create a natural fit

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