Scott Hawaii's Moena Rubber Flip Flop ~ Silver

Scott Hawaii Slippers

  • $35.97

The Moena slippers from Scott Hawaii are perfect for women who can't seem to stay away from the water. Whether you're practicing some sunrise yoga on the beach or taking a mid-day swim, you're going to want to have these sandals nearby. The insole is made of spongy yoga mat material, so you'll be feeling zen whenever you slip them on, and the straps come in three earth tones. The shoes are entirely waterproof and buoyant, floating in the water and making them easy to find. Embrace your inner mermaid and make sure to bring your Moena slippers on your next excursion--your feet will thank you.

Features & Benefits: 

  • The metallic rubber straps are sleek and stylish, perfect for a beach day or evening out
  • The spongy insole made of yoga-mat material will make your feet sigh in relief
  • The light-weight rubber foam outsole is durable and will protect your feet while remaining waterproof and comfortable

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