Scott Hawaii's Hunekai Leather Slipper ~ Chocolate with Orange Strap

Scott Hawaii Flip Flops

  • $44.97
  • Save $5

The thick, durable Huneka'i slippers will make you want to play hookie and hit the trails. These high-quality slippers will take you through the sand, dirt, streets and water with ease and comfort. Made with the squishy polymer insole and layered with molded rubber, your feet will be in paradise no matter where you are. The rubber outsole provides support and a waterproof non-slip surface. When you're wearing the Huneka'i slippers, your only concern will be resisting the temptation of abandoning your responsibilities and going on an adventure instead.

Features & Benefits:

  • Thick, moldable EVA polymer insole provides great base to protect feet
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Great for in and out of the water; should you lose your slippers in the surf, the bouancy of the rubber and EVA means they will float, making them easy to retrieve

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