Scott Kulea Women's Yoga Sandals

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  • Thin foam-filled strap with nylon toe thong
  • Soft yoga mat insole 
  • Lightweight rubber foam outsole with arch

The most comfy slipper we have for women.  Designed with a foam filled strap and a modified yoga mat material for its insole the Kule'a will be sure to give your feet their moment of zen.

Foam filled nylon strap

Simply put, nylon is what we do.  It is found on a majority of our footwear because of its durability. So why not fill it with foam and make it extra comfortable too.

Comfy cozy yoga mat insole

The closed cell make up of the yoga mat material used is perfect for an insole. It is water friendly and supportive enough with it's small arch to go on those long walks on the beach.

Lightweight rubber foam outsole

Finding the perfect balance is never easy, but we may have done it with this outsole.  It has enough rubber to make it last and enough foam to keep it lightweight. We encourage you to sample a match made in Hawai'i