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Scott's Sophisticated Hulu Leather Sandals | Wool Lined Comfort

  • The Sophisticated Business Sandal

    You'll feel rugged and untamed, just like the namesake island of Ni'ihau, when you try on a pair of our leather Hulu sandals. Adorned with a soft shearling-like lining, these slippers are meant to keep you comfortable and stylish. You can rest assured, however, that no sheep were harmed in the making of these slippers---the soft and durable lining on the strap is made of vegan shearling. The leather that overlays the EVA-polymer cushion means double the comfort so that you can move all day pain-free. Slip on these sandals and soak in the power of the native island of Ni'ihau, where the sheep run wild and the native Niihauans live off the land.

    If you want to get the women in your life a stylish matching pair. Aloha Shoes has the Scott Hawaii Hana Wool Lining Sandals for Women. Both Sandals with perfect Reviews.