Handcrafted Leather Sandals For Men

Scott Hawaii Leather Kahua Sandals | Neoprene Lined Strap

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  • The Kahu'a Scott Hawaii slippers are built for the rugged outdoorsman. Made especially tough for all terrains, you can take these slippers into the surf, on a hike through the Manoa Valley, or just on your daily routine. The molded PU leather insole is made for the optimal fit, with a heel cup and built-in arch to make sure your feet are cushioned and secure, and the high-quality leather strap won't rub cause discomfort on your skin or pop out of place. Take in the sweeping vistas of the Big Island or grab your tackle box and head to the water---wherever your life takes you, these slippers will be your feet's best companions. Evoke the power of the sea with these deep navy slippers or grab the classic chocolate slippers, perfect for day-to-day activities.