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Mele Kalikimaka A Hawaiian Christmas tradition

by jackie keating September 14, 2018

On the mainland, the days are getting shorter, everyone has set back their clocks, and fall wardrobes are getting pushed aside for winter ones. However, if you’re not yet ready for the cold that seems to last forever, maybe it’s time to give your feet the gift of Hawaii with a pair of Jandals that scream “ tropical island breeze” instead of “ice-cold, I-hate-winter blizzard storm.”

Christmas in Hawaii - AlohaShoes.comIn Hawaii, the equator is so close that no clocks have to be reset at all, there’s no such thing as a winter wardrobe, and even the looming holidays are stress-free...because the perfect gift for every man, woman, and child is in easy reach: the new line from Jandals available at Alohashoes.com. Jandals are the classic dual-strap, extra comfy, totally flexible, waterproof sandals made by Pali Hawaii that islanders know and love. Aloha Shoes, you can get a pair for your loved one for Christmas, and you’ll be as excited about the price as they’ll be to have received these longed-after classics.

There are enough Jandals in stock to surely satisfy every member of the family, even your irritating kid sister, and they are the perfect gift exchange item for the white-elephant at work, too. You don’t know Dawna the receptionist very well, for example. But you do know that she could use some Christmas cheer, and what better way to give that to her than with a pair of sandals that will outlive the test of time, dirt, and water?

You’ve got to act fast, though---Black Friday, aka Best Deals of the Year Day, is fast approaching. Hop onto Alohashoes.com to explore some of the great Jandals styles we’ve got waiting for you in stock. From the original “Jesus Sandal” shades of brown to the vibrant pinks, blues and purples, you’re sure to be the knockout gift giver this year. 

jackie keating
jackie keating